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The Tora
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Although mentioned, the Torah and the Koran were not reviewed in this article. However, my suggestion to you, is to find out if they were edited. If so, who by? What impact does this have on the overall bible?      


Would it surprise you to know that there are an estimated 4000 faiths or religions? This was as of July 2022.

However, they are split into 5 main religions.
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism.

There are many inaccuracies In the King James Bible that never made sense to me as I was growing up. Then as I researched further, I found that this Bible had been edited many times to suit the purposes of those that would use it to control others and to suit their own needs. For example, the Catholic Church does not allow divorce. Therefore, Henry the 8th not only started his own church, but had the bible edited to suit his own needs. Many Catholic churches were destroyed at this time.

In the King James Bible, Jesus disappears from the age of 9 to 32. Well, hang on a minute, where did he go then? What did he do at that time?

Billy Carson on YouTube answered this for me, or at least some of it.
I could not in all faith, pardon the pun, follow a religion that edited the ‘’Word of God’’. Does that mean that it was all wrong? No, not at all. Jesus was a real man. Should you wish to go further down this rabbit hole, a good read is ‘’The Gospel of the Holy Twelve’’?

To make things easier, here is the link below, and I have copied the opening paragraphs from the site.

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The Original Gospel Record Revealed

Origins of the Gospel of the Holy Twelve

This Gospel record is the recovered document from which the Four Gospels as we have them today were built upon. It was the first formulated life of the Christ and was written by St. John about the year 70 AD., when he was imprisoned in Rome and given page by page to one whom he could trust.

When the scroll was completed and after its contents had been made known to the Apostles, it was taken to Tibet by the same disciple, who left it in the care of an unnamed lama. Here, it remained until a friar, named Placidus, visited the monastery in the eighteen seventies and asked if he might show it to the Church Authorities in Rome.

The scroll was then given to him and on the way home, which took a long time, he translated a portion of it into Latin and on his arrival in Rome read it to the assembled Cardinals. At first, they were impressed, but as he proceeded to reveal the contents they realised that to make it known would discredit the Church which had, during the Council of Nicea, eliminated from the Gospels the Master's teaching about the love and care of animals and about abstaining from eating flesh-foods. And so the scroll was hidden away in the archives of the Vatican, where it remains to this day.

Many other gospels and original documents are stored and hidden away at the Vatican. What else don’t they want us to know? You should ask yourself that.

Another reason for my disdain, and I have to say this is a big one. Was, how the editors of the bible decided to use it as a weapon to once again force their opinions on others. This segregation of the masses was monumental.

The Gospel of Paul in its original form uses the word arsenokoitai
The word “arsenokoitai” shows up in two different verses in the bible, but it was not translated to mean “homosexual” until 1946 by the Germans.

Arsenokoitai - So what is the most accurate translation? Well, with all of the information we know regarding Paul, the context of where he was writing, who he was talking to, and what he was referencing, our best-educated guess is that it means some kind of sexual/economic exploitation. The Greek words “arsen” and “koiten” were used to describe events 1,600 years before Paul, and those events always related to some form of pedophilia or abuse.

In other words, the bible was making reference to pedophilia or abuse, NOT, as it now says in the bible ‘’Man shall not lie with man, for it is an abomination,”

To go down this rabbit Hole here is the link to my source material, and please be sure to do your own research to, there is plenty out there. Some of the above was copied directly from this source.

So now you know why I believe Christianity is flawed and false.
This is not to say that all of it is flawed and false.

One thing that all religions can agree on is that there is a god, or the divine, or Allah or the source, whatever God is to you.
Even atheists cannot deny there are unexplained phenomena all the time and all around.

If we eliminate the illusion of separation, what are we left with, regardless of what religion, if any, we follow?
Remove religion and you would just have people.
Remove race or colour and you just have people.
Remove financial status and any other illusion of separation, and what do you have?
You have people, humankind. It’s that simple, in my opinion.

This blog was not written to attack any one religion or to undermine your beliefs. I was inspired to write it because I believe that religion should not be used as an excuse to separate the masses, and in some instances has been weaponized to discriminate.

My next blog will be about the weather and what is happening with it.

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